Saturday, August 13, 2011

What A Chump.

Chump. That's the term used to describe people like me, or anyone who makes an effort to work hard, better themselves and be a contributing member of society. Why do i say that, you ask? Allow me to explain.

For you long-readers, you will most likely remember the car crash i was involved in way back in August of 2009. For those who haven't been reading long, or who need a refresher, here's what happened. I was driving to work one fine Friday afternoon minding my own business when i happened upon a long line of stopped cars where there usually isn't one. Traffic normally flows at the speed limit of 50 mph on this road, and stops at the few traffic lights are rare because there isn't much cross traffic. So, i come to a full and complete stop and notice a state pig and a DOT vehicle on the shoulder, finishing up clearing a crash. I am stopped for a good 2 minutes and am trying to look ahead to see what the problem is when BAM!!!! Some stupid fucking cunt in a giant 6000 pound SUV plows into the back of my brand new, six month old, hadn't been in for it's first service yet Audi S5. The force of the collision is so great that it pushes my car into the car in front of me, that car into the one in front of it and that car into the one in front of it.

Needless to say, my car is fucked up. In fact, it's a total loss. I file the claim through my insurance (good thing, because as it turns out, the stupid twat that hit me didn't have enough insurance to cover the property damage) and my insurance pays out pretty much what i paid for the car. Great, right? Well, almost.

The car that got killed was a 2009 model year. At the time of the accident, we are into the 2010 model year. Sure, i could have scrounged and found a used one that matched eventually, but it's a used car. I am not spending that kind of cash on a used car, especially given that my wrecked car was brand new at the time of loss, for all intents and purposes.

Short story long, I had to order a 2010 car to replace my 2009 car and of course, costs go up. All in all, my replacement vehicle cost me about $4000 more than the wrecked car, and i lost about $3000 on extended warranties, service contracts, satellite radio subscriptions, etc. on the wrecked car that couldn't be refunded to me. for a total of about $7000.

This doesn't even take into account the fact my back and neck are all fucked up, that my mobility is reduced and i've put back on the 75 pounds i lost prior to the crash. So, now i'm once again a fat fuck who is in constant pain and no hope of ever getting back to my former self.

It has taken two fucking years to settle this case. Two years of dealing with slime ball piece of shit lawyers, doctors, insurance companies and all their minions. I attended an arbitration hearing last week to see what i would be getting for my settlement for all the shit this whore has put me through. Net result, after the insurance companies and lawyers get their cut, i'll be getting about $3500. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?! For all the shit i've had to go through and still go through, that's all i get? That doesn't even cover my losses!

Partly i'm getting fucked because there is no pity in the "justice" system for people who actually have jobs and aren't fucking bums who suck those who work hard dry. The arbitrator felt sorry for the goddamn cunt who hit me and fucked up my life because she is an irresponsible piece of shit and has filed bankruptcy and has no money, and simultaneously doesn't feel sorry for me, the victim, simply because i have the means to provide for myself and have nice things.

This country has become such an ass-backwards, fucked-up, welfare state that coddles the useless and takes from the ones who work and strive to succeed. It's got to the point that working hard and trying to better ones self is pure foolishness. Why work hard only to have what you work for taken away from you? And why should i hold myself accountable for my action when nobody else is held accountable for theirs?

It's time for a revolution. Send the bums back to where they belong, the gutter. We need a class system that gives those who work hard all the power and wealth and those who don't work get nothing. No more welfare, no more social programs. I'm tired of propping things up and being the chump. Maybe i should stop working and stop be accountable and just sit back and relax for a change. After all, there are plenty of other chumps out there working hard who are ripe to have what they have eared taken from them


naturgesetz said...

conslonIt really stinks that you didn't get more from the arbitration, and even more that the arbitrator had more sympathy for the wrongdoer than for the victim. But I suspect you really wouldn't like having that woman's life.

I do agree that the system doesn't work well.

naturgesetz said...

The blogger system doesn't work that well either. After it had rejected the first word verification and told me to try again, when I typed it, the stupid system put it at the beginning of my comment, instead of in the box where it belongs. The earlier comment should begin, "It really stinks that …"

Stupid system. Grrr.

Mind Of Mine said...

Man that really sucks. I am not sure of the legal system in the states but can you appeal that ruling?

I had a crash last year, similiar to yours and the insurance paid out 5000 within a week.

Gauss Jordan said...

A significant portion of the population would end up significantly in debt in the same situation.