Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blogiversary Part II

Well, it looks like the two year anniversary of my little blog passed unnoticed by even me. March 15th marked two years that this blog has been around. There have been a lot of changes in the blogosphere and the world at large in that time frame. The two year anniversary of me being a proud, openly gay man passed on March 20th. Fast forward to today, and i have a wonderful partner that i love very much and a happy home life that was just a dream a few years ago.

I have a good life, and i couldn't have the life i have without the help and love of people that i have never met in real life. All the friends i made by blogging and being a part of our little online community really made the worst of it easier to bear. People like James who was always there to hear me bitch about something and try to help me through it. And Steevo, who not only was there to lend an ear but who encouraged me to go to my first PFLAG meeting and was a constant source of encouragement and provider of resources. Also included are all the people who read my blog, commented on my blog, chatted with me on MSN.

But the one who really started me on my path to where i am today was Mirrorboy. He was the first person i ever told that i was gay, the one who always had a kind word for me when i was feeling down no matter how down he was himself, the most selfless and caring friend anyone would ever want to have online or in real life. So Mirrorboy, here's to you mate. Thanks for always being there for me buddy. I miss chatting with you immensely. Even though we haven't spoken in ages, i still think of you often. I love you buddy, and where ever you are and whatever you might be doing i hope you are happy and healthy and on the path to life good life you deserve.