Monday, June 21, 2010

People are stupid.

Not all of them, mind you. But most. Why do i say this you ask? Well, i'll tell you. Some punk ass bitch on a rice burning crotch rocket was apparently too busy eyeing up the skeezy ho across the street from him to see my highly illuminated (i mean, the fucking thing has two strips of LED running lights, HID headlamps, fog lamps, side markers, LED turn signals in the side mirrors, etc.) car making a legal turn in front of him and decided to impress said skeez ho by gunning his sewing machine with wheels and plowing into the side of my car. The same car i waited four months for after my previous car was totaled last year by another oxygen thieving co-inhabitant of our lovely little planet. And even though i had the right of way, and had signaled my intentions, and was fully stopped in the center turn lane directly in front of the mouth breather who hit me for a good 30 seconds before commencing my turn and saw his dumb ass sitting there the entire time, the lazy, needle-dicked donut eating prick of a cop who finally arrived at the scene to take names and statements didn't issue the moron who hit me a citation for failure to yield! Cops are useless.

Other than that, nothing much new going on. E and i are fighting like cats and dogs lately and i don't know why. I don't like most of his friends, yet i attend functions and parties where the majority of the people there are his friends. So even though i'm only going because he wants to go, he gets pissed at me because i'm not having a good time. He gets pissed at me when he asks why i'm not having a good time and i tell him it's because most of the people i'm surrounded by are burned out druggies/ex-druggies who do nothing but stay at home in their government funded housing and smoke pot and collect their welfare checks and don't actually contribute anything to society. Nothing wrong with smoking pot, but at least have a fucking job and be able to support your habit so i don't have to. And the ones who do have jobs are still a drag on society and don't even come close to contributing to the system anything near what they take from it. I like a couple of his friends just fine. They are fun and kind and caring people. He gets pissed when i'm irritated and stressed out and bitch about having to go to work and pay taxes and deal with the lazy, stupid people that infest our country. Well, excuse me Mr. I-can-smoke-pot-and-am-not-subject-to-random-drug-screenings-and-am-all-mellowed-out. I don't have the luxury of being able to roll a fatty and get stoned to mellow out after a long, hard day. And what do you have to be stressed out about anyway? You work part time for your internship, have everything taken care of for you by me, your grants and the Bank of Mom and Dad and don't have any real expenses or worries. I love you dearly, but you really need a reality check.

Meh, this is turning into a real bitchfest. Guess i'll wrap it up, have a drink and come on back when i have something nice to say.